Our Team

What is Rate The Escapes?

Rate the escapes are a team of escape room enthusiasts from Milton Keynes who provide honest, unbiased and unaffiliated reviews of escape rooms, immersive bar experiences, home escape games, home escape jigsaws, escape mobile apps and online escape room games. Some of us have been playing these games since 2015, while others have come across them a little bit more recently. This means we are able to provide a fair and balanced assessment of rooms. 

How do you rate each room?

When reviewing each room will be rated against a series of key metrics that we believe are essential to a good escape room. Those of us that have played a given room will assign a score out of ten stars to each element. The scores from each of us against each element are then averaged and provide an overall score. The overall scores for each element are then totalled and averaged to give a total score for each room. We feel this is the fairest way to score the rooms as the weighting of each players score is equally important. However if less of us take part the room is not penalised. The metrics we will score each room on are: 

  • Immersion
  • Puzzles and Challenges
  • Games Master
  • Value for Money 
  • Enjoyment 
We will NEVER give away any spoilers so you can read each review knowing it won’t ruin your own game. 

We will also provide a summary of the rooms key features such as: ease of access, parking, room duration, difficulty level and which of us took part in each game. We will score rooms on their scariness also, not every room will have this element so if you dont see the icon, you can rest easy knowing it is not a scary escape room. 

Who are rate the escapes?

There are four core players in the rate the escapes team who will be reviewing the escape rooms. Find out a little bit more about us below: 


First Room: Mystery Escape, Paris, 2015

Favourite Room: Go West, The Room, Berlin


1st Room: Double Agent, Birmingham, 2017

Favourite Room: Loot the Lanes, Brighton


First Room: Mystery Escape, Paris, 2015

Favourite Room: Go West, The Room, Berlin


1st Room: Want to Escape, Rushden, 2020

Favourite Room: Loot The Lanes, Brighton

How do you decide what rooms to review?

We love escape rooms, and enjoy playing them. For our own enjoyment we regularly take part in games and experiences which we then post reviews for. Unless stated on the individual review, we have paid full price like any other customer. Therefore our reviews are completely unbiased. We have had requests from operators to test rooms, and we are happy to do so, but will state on the review that we were invited to take part. Our review, regardless of whether we were invited or not, will always be honest. We want you to enjoy your escaping as much as we do!

Want us to review your room or Experience?

We’ve completed a fair few rooms, bars, board games and even jigsaw puzzles based on escaping now and are always looking for our next challenge. If you want us to review or test your game, get in touch via our instagram page and send us a message!